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Madiha Rehmani

New Indian Model School- NEET

MNR is a great institution for all those who are planning to write any competitive exam as well as for the students who are in school who are in search for a institute. This institute not only help you to get a good result but also help you in learning new thing and create positivity.

Nusrath Halima Jahan

IATA Passenger Ground Services

I have learned with pleasure and completed with passion. The training has given me hope and confidence to have a career in Aviation, Travel & Tourism industry.

Maryam Aslam

The Central School, Dubai - NEET

I had a great experience in MNR the teachers over here are really good and supporting. They always motivate us in studies and after joining here I felt its really helpful. I got to know many new things which helped me a lot to improve myself and built positiveness in me. I really thanks all the teachers and staff.

Nchamukong Keensley Ako

Foundation in Travel & Tourism with SABRE

IATA Foundation course was very new and interesting subject for me. The training had a great impact on me. All the chapters were easy and understandable. The trainers were excellent in giving lectures and with their guidance I could achieve this international Diploma. I am extremely happy to be a part of MNR Training and Skill Development institute. Currently I am doing my internship in Cozmo Travels.

Tahseen Gaffor

BUDS Public School - 10th Grade

My experience so far in this institute is good. The faculty members are friendly and well-behaved. My academic performance has been improved since I joined this institute and for Grade 11 also I would love to continue in this institute also will be recommend to my friends.

Ali Abdulla Alteneiji

Foundation in Travel & Tourism with SABRE

The course took me to the next level of knowledge and gives me a lot of opportunity to find a job in Aviation, Travel & Tourism industry.

Zahra Esuf

Our Own English High School (Girls) Dubai - 10th Grade

Hopefully, It has been great. I feel in 10 Grade, I have a great experience. The faculties were great. I have improved a lot and gained confidence in my subjects. I would thank all the faculties (Sir/Ma’am). They’ve been a great support for us. Their learning have played a great role in my studies. The notes have helped my way of studying my two main subjects


Our Own Indian - 10th Grade

The teaching way is very unique. Teachers are always ready to take special classes which is really helpful. Science and Math you get sample papers, worksheets and previous board papers


Our Own High School - 10th Grade

As I’ve been studying in MNR, I’ve experienced a lot of ups and downs. Teachers have been very supportive and motivator thus boosting our results. There are no bad things about the faculties or staff members. Due to their results and hard work, my performance has improved so much

Mohamed Murad

Our Own High School, Al Warqaa - 10th Grade

My experience with MNR was so great. They helped us prepare day and night for the exam. They kept on motivating us for the final exams. I will get good marks in my boards. Thanks you for supporting us.

Aashir farid

GEMS New Millennium School - 8th Grade

It was a very fun and helpful experience. It helped me up-level my grades a lot. The teachers are very understandable and teach very nicely. They provide a lot of attention and are very better than the school teachers; so I will recommend this institute to all students in my class.

Christina Maria

Delhi Public School - 12th Grade

MNR institute offers a blend of learning and integration of enduring principles. I express my heartfelt gratitude to the faculties for their extraordinary help for my 12th board exams. They have instilled a hope of achieving big providing immense support and motivation. Learning is a new experience with outstanding faculties of MNR, who helped me to discover the more in me.

Charvi Saboo

GEMS New Millennium School - 8th Grade

I had a wonderful experience with MNR it has improved my scores and clarity in learning. It has allowed me to explore learning a better way. MNR was a spectacular experience and the teachers teach in a very playful way which enhance learning. I would love recommending MNR to my fellow classmates and friends.

Dhruv Laha

GEMS New Millennium School - 9th Grade

As we all know in school teachers can’t give personal attention to all students and therefore I recommend MNR cause the teachers prove personal attention to all students. The faculty members are value driven and committed to hone our individual talents. I would recommend this institution to every student in my school and even friends in different schools.


GEMS New Millennium School - 9th Grade

MNR has helped us in many ways. MNR is a institute which will always be worth to attend. The faculty has helped me achieve all of my weak areas through each and every class. I have definitely improved in my core subjects with the help of MNR. I would recommend MNR to all my fellow peers.

Shere Banu Abid Husain (Best Performer in UAE)

Foundation in Travel and Tourism with SABRE

It was an amazing experience with teachers and the institute. Thank you all for all the support.