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Negotiation is a method by which differences are settled. It is a process which facilitates an agreement with the parties involved. In any situation wherein there is a significant difference the parties aim to achieve the best possible solution that benefits them. This can be an individual, an organization or a team.  The principles of fairness, seeking mutual benefit and maintaining a relationship are the keys to a successful outcome.

Some examples in real life are Business Deals, legal issues, the government policies, project proposals, salary increments, employment offer and a few others. Negotiations skills will be of immense use in such occasions and the skills can be learned and applied in the day to day activities.

The ability to persuade is an asset both for the individual and the organization. We can see a quantum leap in the benefits both in the results and in the career. People with good Negotiation skills are welcome in any organization and the strategy is useful in all situations either for dealing with financial or administrative privileges.

The Negotiation Strategies training program in Dubai aims at facilitating each and every corporate member responsible for negotiation to be well equipped with the required quality and skills to achieve a win-win combination.

MNR Talent and Skills Development Institute in association with the Indian School of Business is organizing the program on “Winning Negotiation Strategies”.

The Two-day program is conducted by a reputed Faculty ( Mr. Dishan Kamdar of ISB ).

The faculty is the Senior Associate Dean of the Indian School of Business and is a Doctorate from the National University of Singapore.

The Indian School of business is an internationally acclaimed Institute based in Hyderabad, India.

The School has academic alliances with Kellogg School of Management at the North Western University and The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.