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NCFE CACHE LEVEL 1 Award in Caring Children


This qualification encourages an understanding of the knowledge and the skills needed to care for young children. It covers children’s growth, learning and development. There are also units to help with self development.


This qualification is suitable for you if you are considering a career in caring for children. It could also support you with re-engaging with learning and break down barriers to you entering the childcare workforce.


You should be atleast 14 years old.

Course duration: 12 Hours


NCFE CACHE LEVEL 2 Certificate for Introducing Caring for Children and Young People


This is an entry level qualification and is ideal for anyone who is new to the field of Early Years. It is also suitable for those who work under supervision in an early years’ setting. It prepares you to work with and care for children from birth to 5 years and also you gain knowledge of children aged up to 7 years. Once you have achieved this qualification you can work in an early years’ setting such as a nursery/pre-school/day care facility/KG, under supervision. This qualification will prepare you with the basic knowledge required to work in an early years setting.

Course duration: 4 months

Learning Hours: Once a week three hours’ workshop.

Progression: This course is a pre-requisite for moving on to CACHE level 3 Diploma for Early Years Workforce

Assessment: You will be assessed on your understanding and knowledge of the units. 

NCFE CACHE LEVEL 3 Diploma for Early Years Workforce


The NCFE CACHE Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Workforce prepares learners to become Early Years Educators, enabling them to work with children from birth to 5 & gain knowledge of children aged 5 to 7 years. These course is approved by Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA) and NCFE CACHE, UK. The qualifications required to work with young children are changing and the CACHE Early Years Educator qualification is the gold standard for the sector, drawing on CACHE’s reputation as the leading childcare qualification specialist. This diploma is ideal for early year’s teachers, lead teachers, deputy managers and managers. This diploma is a stepping stone for achieving your Level 4 and Level 5 Diplomas in Management and Leadership.


There are various methods in which you will be assessed. You will demonstrate your understanding of a unit through written assignments. Also, your assessor will observe you in your setting. There will be professional discussion, where you and your assessor will a reflective discussion on your practices. You are also required to carry out a longitudinal study. Longitudinal study is basically an observation of a child from your setting. Your tutor will guide you through your longitudinal study.


◾ You either are working in an early years setting or are volunteering with one with children between 0-5 years. Practical placement is very important and is part of your assessment.

◾ You should have an email account & access to a laptop with internet connection.

◾ You must be at least 18 years of age.


These four themes comprise of your 23 mandatory units. Learning Hours: Once a week three hours of classroom teaching. 


  • Guided Learning Hours –    486
  • Practical Training Hours | Work Placement Hours    –  350


  • 0 to 1 year 11 months –  25 hours
  • 2 to 2 years 11 months  –  133 hours
  • 3 to 5 years –  192 hours

The CACHE Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Workforce focuses on 4 themes based on these units are designed.

Theme 1

 Health &well-being

Theme 2

Legislation, frameworks & professional practice

Theme 3

Play, development &  learning for school readiness

Theme 4

Professional development

NCFE CACHE Level 3 Award for Special Educational Needs Coordinators in Early Years


This qualification aims to:

  • Explore the roles and responsibilities of the Special Educational Needs Coordinator in an early years setting
  • Understand the strategies and techniques for supporting children and their families
  • Increase knowledge of SEN codes of practice

The objectives of this qualification are to help learners to:

  • Progress to further and higher education
  • Develop new practical skills in health and social care

This qualification is suitable for learners who envisage or currently have careers in such areas as healthcare, social work, nursing , counselling early years and teaching.


Learners must be 16 years old.


To be awarded the level 3 AWARD for Special Educational Needs Coordinators in Early Years, learners must achieve a pass in the 2 mandatory units.

 Course duration: 3 months


The qualification is suitable for those interested in pursuing careers in the following areas:

  • Health and Social Care
  • Childhood Studies
  • Community, Youth & Families
  • Social Work
  • Early Years
  • Primary Teaching
  • Nursing.


NCFE CACHE Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services


This qualification provides learners with the skills and knowledge needed to manage, practice and lead others in adult health  and social care provision or in children and young people’s services. It has six pathways and covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Safeguarding and Protection
  • Managing care services, change programmes and recruitment
  • Supporting development and partnership working
  • Quality systems and improvement
  • Developing and carrying out policy
  • Promoting and developing best practice
  • Care management

Early year leaders and managers who are looking to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills of leadership and management.


You should already be working in managerial or leadership position. You must be at least 19 years or above. You should already hold a Level 3 or 4 qualification and be working at that level or above within you setting.


Methods of assessment range from professional discussions, direct observations in your workplace, written assignments and case studies. You will need to be working in the leadership role in a children’s setting in order to complete this qualification.

You should already be working within this role when you start this qualification.

Course duration: 12 months


On Completion of learners can progress to a wide range of job roles depending on the pathway taken. The following list is not all inclusive, but gives a taste of opportunities available in children and young people’s settings.

  • Nursery Manager
  • Deputy Nursery Manager
  • Assistant Nursery Manager 

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Teachers play a key role in ensuring quality in child care programs. A key factor that is positively associated with teacher quality in participation in professional development.

CPD is a process of regularly assessing the current and future skills and knowledge requirements that are relevant to a teacher’s responsibilities, planning and implementing ongoing program of training and development.

CPD embraces the idea that individuals aim to continuous improvement in their professional skills and knowledge, beyond the basic training initially required to carry out the job. CPD is a life-long process of learning.

Our CPD’s:
  • Every Child is a talker: Language and Communication Development and Challenges in Early years.
  • Observation, Assessment & Planning to Promote Development of Children
  • Special Education Needs